Chicaloyoh is the solo project of Alice Dourlen.
She is also part of the dark church/trio Folle Eglise.

▲ QUAND LES TABLES SE METTENT A TOURNOYER / tape - digitalis records

Solo effort of alice dourlen for gnarled guitar and voice. ugly, pretty.
artcover by aleksandra waliszewska

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▲ THORNS / tape - bumtapes records

Alice Dourlen’s phantom vocals and otherworldly guitar comes echoing straight from the heart. Her spiritual offerings manifest themselves into a series beautiful psychedelic songs accompanied by pounding drums and spiralling outer space keyboards they create a very haunting personal album. Limited to 25 copies

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/ cdr - winged sun records

Max (High Wolf) and Alice (Chicaloyoh) met for a day of totally improvised session. It was a a first musical meeting and it flowed like they were old friends souls. Sun was shining on this beautiful sunday afternoon...The music is some kind of retro-futuristic cosmic music...Max plays electric guitar, percussions, voice and Alice plays synth & sings yoghurt chants, all of this with many effects.

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/ cdr - selfpublished

First cdr selfpublished in an edition of 40 copies.
Seven tracks for 40 minutes of music
Very first tracks ever recorded

buy the cdr by writing an email.
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next shows

11/05/2011 : Rouen
13/05/2011 : Lausanne
15/05/2011 : Zurich
16/05/2011 : Bologne
17/05/2011 : Rome
19/05/2011 : Udine
20/05/2011 : Verone
22/05/2011 : Nantes

past shows
29/01/2011 : la bascule - rennes / with marsh cavern and félicia atkinson
05/11/2010: l'épicentre - cherbourg / with aqua nebula oscillator (+)
03/04/2010 : la bascule - rennes / with high wolf
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